14 July 2009

Linux makes it too easy

Start dhcpd on laptop, plug USD$29 wireless router in, read logs, point Firefox at resulting address, switch on WPA2 for security, give fixed external address which matches RoadRunner/Time-Warner cable modem’s expectations, set DHCP on router to hand out addresses in that range, save-n-reboot router, plug router into cable modem, plug original XP desktop into one of router’s switch ports, all systems go, run Mandriva’s wireless config thingy, 4 clicks, one WPA2 key password, done.

Quotaless cable connection (through which this post is happening) now works. Permanently. Without disturbing existing PC. From anywhere in the house or yard, including sunbaking on the swing-seat or grilling at the BBQ Grill, or seated in the Kia Sedona within the basement garage.

SSH empowerment permits remote management of machines in Melville, Carlisle, Northbridge, Brisbane. Would need a green card to work on a machine in nearby Chicago.


GregoryO said...

And thus Leon's IT Barter Economy is born?

Leon RJ Brooks said...

The concept would require some development, but I think you have a good idea, there. (-:

GregoryO said...

So long as the development is gradual and actual[1], I reckon you'll have no trouble. "Sure I'll fix your computer, come over and change my oil will ya?"... dealing with businesses would probably be a bit tricky though. In Australia some entrepreneurial friends of mine use and love BarterCard, but I suspect you'd need a Green Card to be involved in anything as official as that.

[1] as opposed to erratic and theoretical, although being erratic might not hurt :P