03 February 2008

Message to ANZ, tram count

Dear ANZ

The reason for installing an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is to provide service when there are no human tellers available.

Such as early on a Sunday morning... which leads me to wonder why the two ATMs in your Glenferrie Road branch at Malvern are shut into a little foyer which is only open when the bank branch behind it is open?


Figured out why there are so many trams along this otherwise unremarkable chunk of Melbournea: the administrative district of Stonnington seems to have a tram depot inside it.

Tram runs off to the south-east or through places like Bourke Road to Camberwell are vaguely oriented on the depot.


Jack said...

You'll find you can swip your ANZ card to get access into the area to use the ATM.

It's used as a way to limit the 'attacks' on people using the ATM (ie: being hit from behind), etc.

It's used in many ATMs in the Melbourne CBD.

Leon Brooks said...

jack: would be helpful if there was any indication of same visible on site. Not an arrow, not a word.

A nearby supermarket was open before 08:30 & did EFTPOS, so problem solved indirectly at the time.

Major said...

When I was working on ATMs and Internet banking systems it always struck me as odd that the business would insist that changes (and hence downtime) would be at midnight instead of during the day when their human tellers and phone banking system were available.

Anonymous said...

You will find that anything containing a mag stripe will work, such as a medicare card, a metcard ticket or a portion of any things with a magnetic section - it doesn't need much of it to work.