09 March 2007

Good Things happening to our car #1

C & A Autos (tel 0414-803-185) did a wonderful job on the cranky radiator, took it from overheating at 100km/h or with the aircon on to blasting along at full bore with aircon & roof racks (see next post), cool & steady.

On top of this, it cost about half what it should have.

These blokes do such a wonderful job that I wholeheartedly recommend them for any mechanical problems. They’re good with the finicky new stuff, but willing to cobble something together which makes the old Ford go reliably, & competent across that whole range.

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VW Parts Blog said...

A car owner is worried whenever car or its parts like radiator, VW radiator fan is not working or something wrong. Well, it means that it needs a repair o a replacement and you have to spend some bucks for it. But, I think its really a part of it, all we can do is to go to a trusted shop to have the job done and fix whatever the problem and hopefully it won't be that expensive.