09 March 2007

Good Things happening to our car #2

Auto Extra fitted some Rola roof racks to our Camry wagon. When I say “fitted” the technician involved reminded me very strongly of Peter Edwards AKA “Sch4dow”, a bloke who could fix anything that ever worked (& I’ve seen him fix things which had never worked, too) in that he measured everything out carefully but quickly, eyeballing stuff off as he went to make sure that it was “just so” when he was done.

The shoes (clips) from the rack sit neatly, quietly & waterproofly in the door seals, & the rack whisks along through the air silently & smoothly.

We bought a “fit kit” from Auto Extra to suit a set of racks we were given from a 4Runner, & accepted their invitation to have the racks precisely cut & fitted for free, which they did... even after I rolled up at 17:00 after having to wait to pick up my laptop’s power pack beforehand.

If you want good racks (& bike racks, carriers, lights, camping gear, name it) give Auto Extra a bell on (08)9201-1888 and they’ll sort you out quckly & well.

Some of their bike racks are amazing: confidently mount six bikes on the back of your 4WD (& get any of them off instantly) and more on the roof if you like.

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