21 September 2006

Higher doses of health

It turns out that you need less time to keep fit than has been thought; in fact, these students were notable for “similar improvements in muscle health and performance induced by two such diverse training strategies” as 30 seconds of exercise every 4 minutes (2.5 hours a fortnight) vs 90-120 minutes a day (10.5 hours per fortnight).

The researchers concluded that “short bursts of intense exercise may be an effective option for individuals who cite ‘lack of time’ as a major impediment to fitness”.

The basic idea is short, vigorous exercises with rest periods in between.

The article links to others, for example, on how hiking can cure depression & more vigorous exercise can help a person to heal faster.


Major said...

The strategy was 4-6 cycles of 30 seconds exercise plus 4 minutes recovery per day not 30 seconds exercise every 4 minutes (which would make you a very serious gym junkie at roughly 168 hours a fortnight).

Leon Brooks said...

Uyup, sorry. Thanks, Major, for reading that and correcting it.

Major said...

You are slipping Leon! You didn't spot my deliberate error! The actual number is 42 hours per fortnight (still a pretty impressive gym junkie 8-)

Leon Brooks said...

Well, OK, thanks for reading it and twice correcting it. (-: