29 April 2006

Human for a day or two...

...went shopping to prove it (with a brace of Occupation Therapists, including the most widely-reading therapist I’ve ever met, of almost any sort (hi, B!)).

Out for this weekend, too — and if all goes well, from next weekend onwards as follow-up. It’s been excellently rewarding hunting down and euthanasing many of the little gremlins-of-life (examples: broken handles, full disks, lack of excellent pizzas and pasta, black car lights) yesterday afternoon. It’s not a perfect universe and all, but that part turnd out to be a very fulfilling segment of the husbandly role.

Looking forward to more food variety again later; SWMBO did excellently well in recent meals. I suspect that despite OT practice sessions, my own culinary efforts would not be within shouting distance of hers, let alone rationally competitive.

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