06 November 2005


Had a very acceptable pizza for dinner, with eggplant (aubergines, for y’all from South Canada/Far Northern Mexico), artichokes ’n’ stuff not normally seen on pizza.

It came from Caffino’s, pizza-and-pasta place in Wanneroo, just north of town centre on the beach side of the street just next to the prominent Video Easy store (2/981 Wanneroo Road, 9404-6700).

The lass driving the cash register made a typoe the first time around, and the result was a very pretty, artistically laid out pizza, each slice crowned by a large upright shrimp. Visually impressive, but not exactly veggo. (-: They threw in a couple of garlic bread for the mistake and expressed the replacement pizza through the works.

The blokes driving the oven had obviously been doing it for a very long time, each movement smooth and practiced, each gesture accurate, and the ingredients laid out smoothly, quickly and very evenly.

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Leon Brooks said...

You need to be between Shaw Road and Church Street on the West side of Wanneroo Road.

Nip a tad south (towards the traffic lights) — a couple of doors — to find an excellent and flexible chip-shop.