04 January 2006

"Open Source? You're soaking in it!" 2

Brad’s post elicited a response from Kai (VK6KSJ):

Gotta love it when that happens, especially because “Linux is sooo hard to use, didn’t you know ?!”

Quite a while ago I had Linspire installed on one of our laptops, I was out on a job and the CEO booked out that laptop for use over the weekend. I didn’t get any calls over the weekend but when I went to use the lappy again on Monday it was still hibernating with OOo Writer open, with a 10 page report done up complete with graphs and formatting, quite impressive since the CEO is fairly computer illiterate, and “Linux is sooo hard to use, didn’t you know ?!”.

I guess the secret is: don’t tell them it’s hard, and then it won’t be.

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