04 January 2006

"Open Source? You're soaking in it!"

From Brad Campbell on the main PLUG list, comes this interesting and heartening story:

I set my admin desktop at the office to dual boot XP and Knoppix 3.9.

Recently employed secretary sits down at machine with admin manager to show her the ropes and starts using it (I accidentally left it booted into knoppix). Runs through the mornings work until yours truly arrives at the office...

Sit down, introduce self to secretary and start casual banter... observe the KDE desktop and ask about her familiarity with Linux and OpenOffice...

Comment back from both was “Oh? Thats not Microsoft Office? But it looks like it and I had no problem using it. How much does it cost?”

Admin manager stunned and amazed. Considering study to move large portion of his other business over to StarOffice (coz they want $$ support) and canceling pending order for 100 copies of MSO.

Progress little grasshopper

Perhaps we should call this “value subtracted marketing”, in which the artificially inflated value of closed-source products is brought crashing to the ground? (-:

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