13 April 2015

Would a book entitled “I married a Psychopath” or the like sell well?

One of the risks here for even a strong Empath is that there are no “red flags” in the differences between feelings and expression of them (body-language etc), for the very simple reason that there are no feelings, so there are no differences to sense.

It must be a lonely, empty life for someone who consists only of an empty bubble of Ego. Yet they are the only person who could change that. It begins with genuine humility (which has nothing to do with acting humble). They need to think nothing of themselves.

This may not sound so difficult until you understand that they think everything of themselves, full time. Religion (including Atheism) is not possible for them, as the only person they worship is themselves.

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Marcus Anderson said...

It could do. The choice of a title for sales purposes is well mapped: 1. Positive themes are remembered longer than negative ones, 2) a sexual element has universal appeal, 3) shorter is better, and 4) "How to.." always grabs attention. So "I married a psychopath" is a good title, except for the negative theme. You could perhaps improve by going positive with (eg) "How to outlive your psychopathic wife", but it wont appeal to women much.

So you could go more general with "How to outlive your psychopath partner". The answer to which is of course pretty simple - "leave", and after revealing that in paragraph 1, you have the reader and you're at liberty to write at length on your experinces.