21 February 2013

This morning, I saw that old truism in action: “Avarice is the root of all kinds of evil.”

As I drove by the ANZAC park, just before the new(ish) Entertainment Centre here, I drove past a pigeon
(one of several) who had been unfortunate enough to fail in a space dispute with two tonnes of moving metal... and a Silver Gull which had been so intent on eating its part (as much as possible) of the unfortunate pigeon (a gull will eat anything which gives the appearance of having once been organic in nature, so this must have given it the appearance of a banquet) that it had also failed to notice a few tonnes of moving metal, and had actually become a new layer atop the pigeon. Feathers and all.

So... be sure that your immediate goal is worth the risk before withdrawing your focus from the surrounding issues...

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