20 November 2012

This will probably make it more difficult for Micro$oft to shamelessly swipe Android features fast enough to give the appearance of keeping up, as they evidently did prior to releasing Windows 8.

Hmmm... that would be really worth my exploring in particular for one child for whom I could most definitely adjust software in order to simplify their reconciliation of an unconventional approach with the unreasonable demands of specific others who regard that approach as defective (& would write that false assumption into all of their interaction)... except that those same others would suspect me of altering the software to report location information on the device & all manner of other delusional rubbish which I have never had the will nor intention of ever doing.

If I could deal with the others frankly, the message would be “The whole world does not think like you do. Your self-image may be staggeringly grandiose yet highly fragile, leading you to regard any lack of instant compliance with your tiniest whim to be a form of attack (so ‘justifying’ you attacking back), however ours typically is not warped that way.

“If you ever realise that essentially all of your problems are the result of your own choices & own actions, then take genuine responsibility for your actions, your life may no longer suck; you may no longer ‘need’ to cry yourself to sleep over ‘irreconcilable’ sadness about those imagined attacks, you will be able to stop hurting others (& yourself), & so get on with your life.

“Start now. Why continue to live in a self-imposed Hell? Why go to the trouble of wrecking the lives of others in order to protect yourself from ‘attacks’ which exist in your imagination only? Instead: change. The choice is yours.”

If I did deal with them so frankly, that honesty would be once again used as a weapon with which to damage other people in a futile effort to use tall-poppy syndrome as a twisted kind of self-improvement method.

Happily, I can contribute some changes anyway as they will be useful to others who face the same kinds of obstacles in their search for a better life for themselves & for others.

That matches the Golden Rule, which amounts to combating destructive sourness with goodwill & constructivism rather than with more futile sourness.

It also matches the FOSS philosophy of making useful improvements available to all, with no control/avarice booby-traps in the terms at all (a good recent example of that lives here).

So much to do, yet only 86,400 seconds in each day to do it all!

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