06 October 2012

So... a DVD needed a prequel video by way of brief introduction... what to do? The basic problem solving process is to break a problem down & solve each smaller piece separately, so...

Using GIMP, annotate a brief set of explicatory slides.

Using Imagination, turn those slides into a silent video clip.

Using Audacity, record a narration while the slideshow video clip is playing. Select a no-speaking part of that recording, axe all of the noise.

Using tiMIDIty, fabricate some gentle classic background music.

Using SoX, fade the music in, blend it with the narration, fade it out at the end.

Using avconv (part of libav), tack the resulting sound-stream onto the silent video clip.

Using DeVeDe, morph that & the main video clips into a standard video DVD.

Every single byte of that is FOSS. Total cost of entire production: $0. Some selfish sucker will find a way to botch this system. It works too well for the Pagan god Murphy to avoid interfering with.

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