22 October 2012

OK, so I was a Lego® kid...

Problem: a LibreOffice Writer document (pasted in from from a web page a while ago) has the original URL in every footnote link... which doesn’t make for such an enjoyable off-line reading experience after has been PDFed.

If this was an MS-Word document? 
“Raise hands in air, exit stage left, screaming...”
However, we are dealing with Free/OpenSource Software here, so... fire up Konsole...

cd Documents
mkdir XYZZY
unzip ../original_document.odt
vi content.xml
zip ../new_document.odt $(find .)
rm -rf XYZZY


The document new_document now has the URLs sans host & path (http://www.frednurk.ufo/in/this/dir/filename.htm#65535 becomes #65535).

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