28 August 2012

Planets, the Quixotic, unexpected Rage

Planets — Hmmm... this one looks a bit inevitable... & seems somewhat unchangeable as it involves no politics, religion or finance that I can make out.

Quixotic — it never ceases to amaze me & please me when I run across those who have landed in circumstances with arbitrary limits, such as a job or a restrictive social group, yet in various ways they expose their greatness.

Your character is defined by how you treat people who can do nothing for you, & so very many people, while not in situations where this is absolutely clear, betray their greatness by how other people (& often also animals) both treat them, & react to others in their presence. If you are sure that nobody notices what you do, think again. They may simply not have expressed their understanding, yet that does not define it as absent.

Rage — adding a few small clues has suddenly made the reasons for me being physically attacked without warning (a handful of years ago) much more apparent.


Sam Watkins said...

Did someone say "Quixotic"?


(I didn't make this image myself.)

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks for the neat image, Sam! (-:

The clash in technology levels portrayed there reminds me of the Pyramid of Khufu, which we could not rebuild today, consists of ~¼ million 50-tonne blocks of stone harder than the cutting implements available in the day, is level to less than a thumb-span across ¼km, accurately reveals quite a few astronomic features (in shafts, in proportions, in placement with other structures) & has a few features still inexplicable (such as there being no evidence of anything having ever been interred there, bodies (people & otherwise) placed in the sarcophagus do not decay, said sarcophagus is too large to fit along the hallways (so was built in), [long list elided]) which add up to another big hint that we do not even know what we don’t know — yet human nature leads us to walk into a situation thinking that we know everything or soon will.

Another hint can be found in the Vimana & Vailixi (from the ancient competing empires of Rama & Alta, have fun on YouTube), & there is no scarcity of further hints...