09 December 2011

What do you do with it all?

Despite being a member of a group which reckons that the ideal situation is to own nothing yet to control everything, the financial adviser to a certain member of royalty is the second-wealthiest individual in the world.

Their personal nett worth is four hundred trillion (4E14) dollars.

If you spent that all on brass pins (as used in pin-up boards) at one pin for a dollar, the mass of your collection would roughly equal 2½ million of RMS Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner.

You wouldn’t deposit that in a bank, you would buy several countries with it (banks included).

You (or I) cannot even comprehend that large a number, let alone how much money it represents, let alone spend it (if an average Australian citizen spent $150,000.00 every second, 24x7, from the instant they were born, they would not be able to spend it all in their lifetime).


Just a little... yet getting angry about it would be the very last thing you would do, as that would make you even easier for the top 0.000001% to control.

The best approach I’ve seen is reflected in the Tea Party protests: quiet, calm, legal (despite the morass of laws in place essentially to prevent just this) & almost painfully peaceful behaviour, yet totally non-compliant.

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