13 October 2011

There is more than one way to skin a printer

Issue: reinstalling MSWinXP on a workstation, driver to operate hp 1022n printer over the LAN required, staff don’t know if the printer arrived with a disc — & if it did, have no clue where it would be.

Remedy, download 2MB driver file (.EXE) from hp, run it. “Turn the device on & plug it into the USB socket.” Oops. [Cancel]

Consider downloading the 370MB full driver suite over a slowish ADSL link with limited quota. Hmmm.

Try adding a printer anyhow (after defining a TCP port on in case a LaserJet II or the like is close enough to start with, discover that the EXE had installed a 1022 driver anyhow. Wow! It’d accidentally done something useful!

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