07 May 2011

Attitude != progress

Conclusion: a sustained good attitude results in an irreplaceable attribute: determination.

The app worked mostly-right, but patience based on surety of my abilities, plus certainty that I don’t know everything, plus continued positive reinforcement/encouragement from one skipping a step in the process (to arrive at “Gorgeous” early), resulted in the key road-block being three completely unrelated roadblocks.
  1. The original app didn’t care about whether a dependent was installed or not, so failed silently when it wasn’t installed, rather than the more-common bizarre codified error message;
  2. Correcting the code to report failures (& log them in detail) also revealed a slight typoe in my enhancements;
  3. Correcting the typoe produced hard data which could then be adjusted to produce not only accurate but quite readable PDF reports.
All of this cascaded out of the woodwork across 13 minutes after about 9 hours of debugging, starting with strace.

Up to that point, nada.

Determination is irreplaceable! (-:

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