25 January 2011

A few details make things so much clearer...

Business A wishes to have a computer to run its affairs.

A chap (X) has a computer for sale, but it will do them no good without software. However his friend S (whose usual occupation is stockbroker) is willing to write the software as a part of the deal.

X sells the computer to A, S then starts building the software for free. Evidently, he started at the glass-teletype level & worked up from there.

When A found the base operating system for X’s machine (now A's machine) on my corporate website, they were glad when I rocked up & was “normal,” rather than a top-gun cross-dresser who looked really good in a set of red heels.

A are coming to terms well with the concept of paying actual money to L (me) for work on their application, which is going well.

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