02 November 2010

TP-Link ADSL router box includes GPL on paper

As I was re-organising items around my house, I extracted the manuals for my TP-Link ADSL modem from the box, plus a phone cable (which I added to my cables drawer), I discovered a paper copy of the GPL.

One more small piece of evidence to provoke a re-think amongst those who refuse to accept that Free Software could possibly work. Happily — like some other significant items — the concept does not require their acceptance (or understanding) to exist & to operate.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, I was reading some Sophos documentation the other day, and was pleasantly surprised to find some licenses in the back for some pieces of software that used the GPLv2, as well as the BSD license with the advertising clause.

(I think the latter was for OpenSSL — I can't remember what the other(s) were.)

Free software is definitely out there. You just need to know where to look. And those that pretend it doesn't exist won't believe it even if you shove it under their nose.

Sam Watkins said...

Was it signed by the president of vice? ;)

I think no company in its right mind would have printed and included the GPLv2 with a product, because of that section.

"Free software is definitely out there."

For sure, a majority of internet daemons for a start.