17 August 2010

Yet another reason for preferring Linux

Fire up machine unused for about a year, currently running Jaunty version of Kubuntu. Hmmm... do-release-upgrade & 25 minutes later we’re running Karmic.

In MS-Windows-equivalent terms, we’ve just upgraded from XP to Vista in 25 minutes, seamlessly, without having to agree to any (or any more) mind-bendingly-control-freak licensing terms or click  [ OK ]  on a thousand tedious dialogue boxes (if I had written that S/W, there would exist a  [ Maybe ]  button there between that &  [ Cancel ]  plus an  [ It’sAllOK ]  button, AKA  [ JustGetOnWithItNow ] ).

Next month, this machine will become Lucid.

1 comment:

GregoryO said...

Haha that's because you're running a slick distro. I have one of those, and one where a last week I typed 'emerge ... gnome'. Installation was finally complete yesterday!

Oh the choice of it all.