10 August 2010

FOSS from wall to wall

Here we have an application, written for SCO Unix so writing printer output to a specific device interface in a format intended for a particular brand of dot-matrix impact printer.

Impact printers are so yesterday, & SCO Unix is so last decade, what can we do...?

Get it to write into a temp file instead, with obvious <FLAGS> where a change in font size or intensity or whatever is required, then spool the result.

That's a step forward, now it will work on nearly any printer (thank you, CUPS), kind of.

Second level, feed it to htmldoc on the way to the spooler. Now stuff like <B>bolding</B> works! However... these 132-column-wide reports not look so hot on an A4 page...

No worries, print on A4 Landscape, then pdf90 that (from the pdfjam toolset) to spin it out & make it good.

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