11 June 2010

Instant MicroPhilosophy

If I don’t recognise that I have/am a problem, so refuse to “own” it, I can’t change it — it will go on, interminably.

This is why I always welcome (constructive) criticism, no matter how painful it may seem at the time.

The number of people who’ve been recorded as entering remission from a particular common kind of Personality Disorder without first admitting that all of there problems are the result of their own choices & their own actions: zero.

That makes it evident that there’s a hard practical outcome available from at least some feelingy/opiniony things.

Sooner or later, it becomes evident that you cannot actually change other people (without constant, outright, physical compulsion — a process I have less than no interest in), only they can change themselves.

They may feign change (to please you, to duck unpleasant expression, to weasel something out of you which would otherwise remain unavailable to them), but they will not really change (as a leopard can’t change his spots of an Ethiopian their deep tan), & I can tell you from decades of unrelenting personal experience that it is an exercise in futility & unending frustration.


GregoryO said...

Ah, more family interaction eh Leon. Hope it wasn't too scarring.

Hey how's that hand-built house coming along?

Leon RJ Brooks said...

The scarring ain’t done yet, GO, but the selfish, destructive tactics I’m seeing do bring real hope that when someone in authority figures enough of it out, justice will be served.

Only 600 more bricks to make, but things have to be rearranged as the last “few”bricks can’t be made on the (sand) house-pad.