11 June 2010

Insane printer pricing

I needed a new black cartridge for my printer, which was going to cost $26. Ink refill systems have produced... debatable results. 3rd-party hp #60 cartridges (Calidad etc) aren’t available.

So I soldiered into Hardly Normal yesterday (one of the few times I’ve had actual money over the last weeks) & bought a printer/scanner (with 2 cartridges) for $29. Even if they’re half-full cartridges (they should say so; IOW if they are worth in principle $13 each), that’s still a printer/scanner for $3.

In one hand, I have two small black boxes with a scattering of electronics & some ink. In the other I have a large black box with two identical small boxes, a sheet of glass, much mechanical stuff, no significant difference in price. Is that a sane thing...?


Major said...

"Specials" produce the most bizarre results. My favourite story is going into a shop to buy nibblies for a party and being told that two packets of chips was cheaper than one.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Saw that in Woolworths today (kinda): two 200g packets of Doritos for $3.30 or one for $3.99.