24 June 2010

Child-rearing tip

If you like seeing your 10yo boy totally fascinated, hand him a headset plugged into a copy of Audacity & stand clear. (-:

Depending on personality, that’s likely to work well for similarly-aged girls too, but the technological aspects of the experience seem to absolutely fascinate boys... & it is a gender thing, doubters are urged to watch families in shopping centres: the boys will be playing with a gadget, the girls will be on the other side of the shop chatting with someone they’d never seen before.

While in the topic of shopping centres, if you’ve ever wondered why young children fuss so much while shopping, mentally place your face an arm’s-length above the floor & picture what the child can see. Underneaths of shelves hardly counts. You begin to understand why they like sitting in (or swinging from) the trolleys so much more. (-:

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