24 June 2010

BigPong Mobile Internet insanity

The modem sticks (different labels, identical USB IDs) would not work in Karmic Koala Kubuntu, work flawlessly under Lucid Lynx... in the sense of connecting & walking into PPP negotiation... but the modem hangs up after 2 seconds. No DNS acquired, or even an IP address. No errors from pppd at all, just the hangup.

I’m typing this in from a Mobile Internet connection via a Huawei stick on Virgin (physical carrier is Optus), which has worked flawlessly from the first instant (works all the way from here (Albany) thru to Williams (almost Crossman River), then from just before Yule Du Roadhouse & all thru Perth... oh, & in Cuthbert, Elleker, Denmark, Kalgan...)

What the faulk...?

Any constructive ideas most welcome. Comment here or email myself@cyberknights·com·au.

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