26 May 2010

Why PuTTY is good even for TelNet

  • It can send keepalive traffic, which prevents the connection from being dropped by masquerade (NAT) network transitions or inattentive WiFi links while you’re grabbing a cuppa;
  • It runs on just about any platform so you only need one (1) set of instructions for all users;
  • It’s quite flexible about window setup (especially compared with (say) xTerm or Konqueror, but don’t even ask about operating through CMD.EXE) & the keystrokes can be individually configured;
  • When invoked from a command line, one can simply name a pre-configured set of connection parameters rather than adding a bazillion litle options for this or that parameter (& then forget one detail);
  • It’s simple to configure a live CD to autostart straight into PuTTY, making a simple, robust, Thin Client (Twiggy, eat yer heart out).

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