14 April 2010

The best plans of mice & men to get laid...

...gang aft a’gley...

Add network cards to each of two near-identical gateway servers (so they can masq as one another at need).

One boots fine, the other takes freakin’ ages to boot, then does not provide any service. Both are transproxy, monmotha firewall, SMTP each way, POP, DNS, one is SMB Workgroup server, rsync backup to 1TB 2.5" USB drive, etc.

After 2½ hours of headbutting the wall, we boot from a Karmic Koala Kubuntu CD to reset passwords so we can reconfigure stuff, then boot from hard drive again... & (without any config changes made at all) it all works! D’oh?

If someone grows a brain, recognises that it is in their own best interests to cease degrading my life, instead release some other participants in a recent (last few years) tragicomedy, there may again be purpose in rebuilding my (evidently damaged by constant acts of sabotage as a competing “Control Freak”) business, but if computers take to doing this more often, it will have to be remedial massage or photography... I avoid using MS-Windows specifically to dodge software randomness as well as over 150,000 different kinds of viruses, but it ain’t a perfect universe.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, I’ve seen some quiet-but-amazing demonstrations of meekness. Said demonstrator is detail-freak enough (craves personal order enough) to be a rather excellent computer-person, but doesn’t like them. Oh, well, at least that one will die sane... (-:


Save Our Sound said...

I like your titles ... but the text font is sooo small!
Okay, so this is blatant commenting on my behalf to get you to look at what is really going on in King George Sound.
Follow us, please?! It's so much easier than collecting signatures in the rain.

an said...


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Leon RJ Brooks said...

SoS, if you want about 10,000 photos mostly from around Albany (e.g. Little Beach, Salmon Holes, Castle Rock, Mount Clarence), throw a snailmail or physical address to my first name at cyberknights dot com dot au. Arrives on 8xDVDs.