29 March 2010

In Ada a good cause

Being Ada Lovelace day ’n’ all, I thought it worth mentioning that many women have done powerful things throughout history, including in computers.

One odd general example is that women like maths a lot less than men, but in reality are much better at it. For a real-life example, a housewife I know well ran the 2008 TEE IT section (from Murdoch Unit). This would translate fairly well into computing.

The Good Book is regarded as patricarchal in nature (but even the Laws of Israel were Women’s Lib radicalism for the time), yet many of the heroes (Ruth, Deborah, Rachel, others) were women.

Recently, I was happy to sign the EndItNow petition, a request for the UN to take real measures against violence towards women & girls, wordwide (not just beating, stuff like genital mutilation of various kinds, emotional pressure, removal of valid life choices, etc). Violence will not resolve problems, simply raise more of them.

Another thing to realise is that bullies are cowards. This realisation has about the same effect as a young child realising that “I am bored” means “I have no imagination.”

I’ve been treated very unfairly by some women, but that is not a problem with women in general, that is a problem with those specific individuals. I also know a few women whose treatment at the hands of some men is an example which proves my own woes to be almost trivial.

So... go, women! (-:

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