12 January 2010

Cable Beach (no, not in Broome!)

Varying from tech stuff a bit, still, but this was fun!

Yesterday, I carefully took some time off to exercise my visual abilities, dragged a camera down to Cable Beach, grabbed some images of amazing waves (there’s a sort of cross-wave effect from the adjacent Cave Point rocks which leads to some quite bizarre wave-shapes), & of the rock added during a stormy night in recent years (6x8x30 feet, which makes it about 100 tonnes, yes we get real waves here) &… dolphins!

They leaped occasionally, but a few were literally riding in the waves as they rolled in to break, would occasionally extend a fin out of the wave to produce a tearing surfboard-like effect. I was wishing for my zoom lens, as that would have allowed something visible to mere mortals to fit within the lens.

Beyond the lighthouse (in which no light remains, but it has a radome & plenty of Yagi antennæ & a satt dish) there is another rock effect similar to The Gap (about 100m further past the Point) with wave-surges (driven by a light on-shore breeze) powering about 25-30m up the rocks & into the air. Cool!

The time off included watching some mudbrick manufacture, camera in hand, which might turn into an ad-hoc HowTo page.

Today’s exercise was to turn & de-flash (with a rubber mallet) the 227 made bricks from yesterday, then stack maybe 60 (roughly 1¼ tonnes) onto wooden pallets. Yes, it can get quite ærobic.


sen said...

sounds awesome, don't forget to link the pics :-)

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Pix at http://cable-beach-albany.fit2.bur.st/.

Sorry for the lag... life has been both busy & complex for a while.