20 January 2010

Aerobic exercise

Stacking 60×20kg mud-bricks is that.

Making 35×26kg bricks (meanwhile shovelling fill for those plus 139×20kg bricks) is also that oh, & on that day (Monday), was supposed to be 35°C, officially made 40°C, but we measured 44°C in the shade... Sweat? Just a tad...

Global warming? Sunday was supposed to be 37°C, equal-hottest day this summer, managed to reach 38°C during a month which often peaks well clear of 40°C. Meanwhile, last week, 2xUS States had their coldest days ever, Burlington VT had 33" of snow on one day from one storm. Last year, the Copenhagen warming conference was snowed out. Next fairy tale, please...


GregoryO said...


As far as I'm aware, a warmer planet yields more extremes, not uniformly higher temperatures everywhere. An amateur example: warmer air over water makes more tropical storms which dump rain which temporarily reduces the land temperature of a locality.

Just like I refuse to say "Ooo it's a hotter January this year than last, isn't global warming kicking in", I don't think "it's a cooler January this year than most, isn't global warming a pile of crud" holds water.

In case it's not clear:
Greg != expert;
Greg != climatologist;
Greg's AGW preaching fervency = low.

オテモヤン said...
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