31 December 2009

Thank you Janyce!

Jan has found a neat house for my Dad to purchase here in Albany. With several other competitors in the wings, his purchase offer was accepted literally within 5 minutes.

For the risk of what you might call technical reasons, I’m not yet able to buy my own house, so this is being bought as an investment & will be rented to me.

The house is not quite as large as I’d ideally like, but is very well fitted out & comes with a few really neat gadgets such as a super-efficient reverse-cycle style water heater.

It also has (important for Albany) ADSL2 running (at high speed, it’s near the exchange) from a provider who is not Telstra, which will allow me to move my on-line services into the house, simplifying things for the people in whose house the server currently lives.

The current owners are quite a unique contrast, & I was impressed to see how very well they do as a couple.

Jan really knows the area, really knows what works, & has come up with some good ideas in the past (unfortunately, we weren’t able to take advantage of them right then), so it’s nice to see this panning out.

Forex, “really knows,” the house is on the ring-road from the big roundabout down the west wide of Mount Melville around the north edge of Princess Royal Harbour to the Port so a semi thunders past every few minutes. Soon (a few years) a bypass is being built from Albany Highway (as an extension of Menang Road, near the airport) down the west side of town, along the train track, where it will merge with the ring road to the Port. No more trucks, up goes value. Good investment.

The house itself has more than doubled in value since being built in 1996, & since Mount Lockyer (the suburb it’s in) has been developed a bit (was almost entirely HomesWest, now down to two adjacent HomesWest units, & I know the bloke who lives in one) is being steadily redeveloped, the value will go up again. Good investment.

There are more positive factors, but a bit lengthy for a simple ’blog post. In summary, well done, Jan!

Prestige also have a rentals manager, Stacey, who did very well early on at finding good-quality but cheap rentals (about 2/3 the cost of my current rental), each of which was removed from contention by choices & actions of the owners, nothing she had any warning of or could change.

Another local rentals manager who has done exceptionally well in finding places at good rates with essentially zero notice is Merilyn of Rainbow Coast Realty. Her talents include bucketloads of patience. (-:

So... if you want to rent or buy in Albany, you now have some good people to ask. No, I don’t get paid or rewarded for saying nice things. (-:


kundip said...

Happy new year Leon.
Great to hear you have good new home.

kundip said...

Happy new year Leon.
Great to hear you have good new home.