17 December 2009

Oh, yes, Chromium browser is nice...

They seem to have learned a few things from (not cloned) Firefox, plus it picked up the cookies, bookmarks etc from FF flawlessly.

Chromium is generally smoother & faster than FF, except for actually scrolling the page contents up & down.

The visual design is excellent... nothing too jarring, but a few logical changes like enclosing both of the Back/Forward buttons within a single rounded-rectangle border-line (which looks pretty much like the rounded-rectangles enclosing each of Reload, Home & the URL field) & overflowing excess bookmarks into a right-aligned Other Bookmarks folder. Oh, & making the tabs look a bit more like individual objects (angled sides etc) which makes them easier to rapidly distinguish.

This is Chromium (32803) running under Mandrive 2009.1; to install it on that (or 2010.0), run this as root:
urpmi.addmedia --mirrorlist http://eugeni.dodonov.net/rpm eugeni 586
urpmi chrome
...which is a few seconds’ work over Virgin Mobile Internet in Albany (typically about 1-2 megabits), so should be about two eyeblinks under a decent ADSL2 link...

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