23 November 2009

Well... I hope you’ve enjoyed our democracy...

...because next month it goes.

Copenhagen is not about climate change (which is a furphy anyway, Dad’s twin, a serious geologist, has done the maths — everybody’s maths — & if anything, our next climate change will be a mini ice age — last winter was the worst (& strangest) the USA has had in a long time).

The treaty at Copenhagen is about putting the UN in charge of everything (finances, politics, religion, etc), & no signatory can back out without first obtaining the consent of every other country, many of whom will be getting payments because Australia are signatories.

Mr Rudd, of course, is eager for his government to be neutered. Are you?

The treaty makes no mention of votes, elections, democracy at all. Signing your life away with a vengeance: insurance companies, eat your collective hearts out.

There will be no more Free software. Or free speech. Or free philosophy, morals... name it. There will be no more free anything. The time to write/phone/email/camp-at-door-of your pollie is now. The correct answer is “No!”


Anonymous said...

Oh for christ's sake. Stop with the UN Central Government Conspiracy Theory already.

I hadn't picked you for a Nationalists supporter.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

The UN ain’t driving this. They are tools, like the countries sucked into participating, conspicuously not including China or India.

Theory or not, it’s happening.

The Nationalists will get the axe as well, so nothing to gain for them.

sen said...

Mate I worry about your state of mind.
You used to apply scientific reasoning to everything, Think about your methodology for collecting information and forming oppinions.

Apply concepts like Occam's Razor to everything, not just what seems important/urgent.

Keep well mate.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Other, less publicly dramatic things may have a negative effect on my state of mind.

This particular event was teed up by others, over a very long period of time (the methodology includes written records hundreds of years old), & involving enormous numbers of people.

The Razor applies here just as well, since the basic aim of this enormous complexity is apparently quite simple: remove any form of government we would recognise, to replace it with a system preferred by the planners (one of whom, it seems likely, lived about 1700 years ago).

A common tactic across the ages is to say (write) large volumes of basically irrelevant rambling, within which is buried (usually plainly stated, often with words semi-(re)defined several paragraphs, pages or chapters away) the real intent.

By the time any serious reader arrives at the real (face-value) information, they are bored to tears & hardly able to even pay attention, let alone to take it seriously.

The planners & their supporters can then point out the real statements & claim “we told you so.”

There are other common tactics as well, but a ’blog comment is hardly the place for exploring them in detail.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

It might help to note that the dude speaking (at Bethel University in Minnesota last Wednesday) is Lord Christopher Monckton, who was Science Adviser to Margaret Thatcher when she ran England, so he probably does know what he’s talking about... including when he says that our efforts have not caused measurable global warming... so...

Why was it, again, that we should give money to other countries to compensate them for something we didn’t do?

Major said...

Ignoring the wilder aspects for now (though I am curious to know how a greenhouse gas treaty could possibly stop you writing free software), Copenhagen is not going to produce any of these effects, it is not even going to produce any effect on CO2. The various vested interests have thown enough FUD around that the ambitions have been reduced to the point that Copenhagen is going to be a mere agenda=setting meeting. It will not be producing a binding treaty at all.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Welcome back to sandgroper territory, Major.

The FOSS aspect will come from the “need” to completely control information. FOSS hands control back towards the users (often, it is written by the users), so excuses will be found.

A local lass who knows a fair bit about behind-the-scenes stuff also reckons Copenhagen is going to be a furphy. If it really is unreal, that would cheer me up a bit. We might get to keep Australia for a few more months or years, rather than joining Kingdom 4 of the Ten Kingdoms laid out by a UN faction.

For reference, Kingdom 1 is US+Canada+Greenland, Kingdom 2 is basically the EU (Finland-Turkey-Portugal-Ireland), Kingdom 3 is Nippon+SouthKorea, Kingdom 4 is Oz, NZ, South Africa, Namibia, the Pacific Islands &... Israel? Kingdom 5 is eastern Europe/USSR/Mongolia. Kingdom 6 is South America, Mexico, Cuba, Dominica, PuertoRica. Kingdom 7 is Mauritania-thru-Egypt, the arabian peninsula, Syria, Iraq, Iran. Kingdom 8 is central Africa+Madagascar. Kingdom 9 is Afghanistan thru India, most of Asia, Indonesia, PNG. Kingdom 10 is China.

I'm quite good at intuiting my way through many kinds of patterns & onnections. The patterns underlying this one smallish meeting have been long set & are quite deep.

Copenhagen may turn out to be a step in on-again/off-again & the climatological distraction (as for swine flu) is intended to hold our attention well enough that (in general) we don't notice the serious undertones.

As for the CO², Dad’s twin is a serious geologist, & has run the numbers through (everybody’s numbers, right through) & if any climate change happens soon, it will be a mini-ice-age.

GregoryO said...

I hate to say it Leon, but no matter how right you may or may not be, you're sounding extreme. Reasonable people don't listen to people who sound extreme, so unless you're just letting off steam (which is completely acceptable on a blog - you're not forcing anyone to read), you're not going to achieve anything with this line, except perhaps create a flamewar. I can smell the smoldering embers already, do you want it to catch?

Besides, we've already got the biggest historical scandal behind us: the guy who walked the planet a perfect man, died because we're all screw-ups and then walked the planet again, scars and all. But you've gotta choose whether you believe that too.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Thanks for your comment, Greg.

The information itself is extreme, so the risk of a flamewar is always present.

I’ve presented it simply so that others can become aware of it & make more effective decisions for themselves as things begin to change.

I could have watered it down, but along with the “extremity” goes the key information.

End of story, as far as the post itself goes.

People can kindle a flamewar if they please, because (now) we have reasonable freedom of choice.

As to your latter point, the proposed Treaty items are a essentially bullet-for-bullet copy of Ratzinger’s June wish-list, which in turn was predicted about 3000 years ago, with more detail supplied 1900 years ago.

Those who don’t understand history are doomed to re-live it.

GregoryO said...

I am interested in the depth and breadth of a lot of topics, including this one. I only have so much attention span and available time for long term and short term thinking (e.g. which nappies to buy), so I have to pick and choose how deeply to read and be involved in any of them.

Ultimately, God's got my eternal back, because there's a lot more to this universe than physical, temporal, economic and political existence and he is throughout and transcendent to all of it. I feel secure in not investing great effort in everything that comes my way which appears interesting or important.

Yes, this topic matters, but I disagree with you not quite strongly enough to invest the effort to explore it.

Hmm, long comment. Time to blog.

GregoryO said...

It looks like centralised control is still a long way away. There has been an awful lot of agreeing to disagree in Copenhagen in the past few weeks.