02 October 2009

Non-IT post: avoid anything with an Aspartame derivative in it

Early this year, I noticed that P&N-brand diet drinks did odd things to me. I often became grumpy or confused for no apparent reason half an hour or so after drinking them. They (even many of the non-diet flavours) contain Neotame, an Aspartame derivative, thank you Monsanto. So I no longer drink them.

Currently chatting with a Queensland-based ex-truckie, ex-bikie, who is literally dying of Aspartame-based effects consequential on drinking heaps of diet drinks while trucking. His liver & his kidneys are failing. Endless odd pains & tweaks here & there. Not good.

This (Texan) crew are quite big on the whole Aspartame thing.

Bottom line: if you value having a life (or even value your life) don’t touch the stuff.


GregoryO said...

I've never really had science to support it, but I avoid artificial sweeteners. Two main reasons:

1. They taste bad. P&N drinks are no exception.

2. Call me simple, but if one is having too much of something (e.g. sugar, butter), I reckon reduce it. I'm wary of too-easy solutions. Rah for French cuisine and serving sizes.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

A friend of Dad’s once ran a mine in the Eastern States, the entire output of which went to France for antacids. (-:

Yes, moderation is generally a good principle.

yodasmith said...

I stay away from aspartame at all costs! This story is so sad, but not as unsusual as some may think. Aspartame has as much as 92 side effects, one being death. Others are brain tumors/lesions (brain cancer), brain damage, seizures, vision problems, birth defects, memory loss on and on and on--to 92. Aspartame may trigger, mimic, or cause Multiple Sclerosis, Alzeimer's Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Lymphoma, and others. It is documented that aspartame also causes fat storage, increases appetite for sweets and fatty foods, and kills the metabolism, making it so you cannot lose weight! I wouldn't even use this stuff in moderation! It is called "poison" by many for a very good reason!