30 September 2009

nlp for lazy learning

I’m currently reading this in bunches. It’s a neat little book by a living-in-England Irishwoman diana beaver, which is focussed on ways people learn, but ventures a fair way into real Neuro Linguistic Programming.

There is some controvery about NLP since the two founders (Bandler & Grinder) argued with one another & ceased working with one another, but a key factor in this book is that the author often gives small examples which one can test... & they work.

Last year, I figured out the principal reason for me going through school with a genius-level IQ but getting only slightly-above-average results, then falling into IT & finding it to be paradise: I’m a visuo-spatial learner.

Where someone with photographic memory would take away a detailed image for life (& a decade later be able to recall serial numbers, signatures et al), I take away the patterns, the connections, the network — which is IT.

So... in general learning/communication modes, I’m visual: “I see what you mean, I get the picture.” There is also auditory (words, tones etc), which would be “I hear what you’re saying. I’m in tune with you.” Finally, there is kinesthetic (tactile stuff & emotions): “That feels right. I’m getting a grip on it.” Kinesthetic describes my VSO fairly well.

Now that I know that these exist (well, I did read Frogs Into Princes a decade or so ago, but with someone constantly undermining & sabotaging everything one does, retaining a focus on esoterica like that is not so easy), I’m able to begin to understand them, so I can begin to really understand someone who uses those mental modes, & so express myself to them much more effectively.

Hoorah! (-:


sen said...

e search on diana beaver NLP and for the me first link is:
With a small description from the site :
Make life simpler, be more effective; have more confidence, more self-esteem, more time and a lot more fun, with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)and Lazy ...
www.dianabeaver.co.uk/ - Similar -

Problem is the link is um.. very visual (may be NSFW!) and has NOTHING to do with NLP.

btw, google books has the book:

but very interesting... sounds much like me.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Glad that you found it useful, sen. Please feel free to keep us informed of any of your progress...