10 September 2009

Borderline-type tech stuff today

I did no programming today. (-:

I discussed Internet connections with a realtor & with a doctor in the course of using their services. The result will be that the realtor saves at least $31 a month & gets a faster connection, the doctor saves $23 a month & also gets a faster connection.

I filled out a DASS test, got 10 for D, 7 for A, 17 for S. The doctor after the doctor testing decided that the moderate A was directly due to my VSO’s influence, the dangerously high S was the result of certain pressures of which most can soon be removed, the high-ish D was a consequence of the S & again was high-ish rather than very high due to VSO.

I began updating postal addresses. From Medicare, HBF, GP, Hudson Henning Goodman, others.

I composed some Fathers’ Day thankyous. They will need to be vetted by legal eagles before being sent, but they will get there, they will be assuring & comforting when they arrive.

The weather here was cantankerous. Started off fine, then got rainy & just after I arrived home got very rainy & very blustery for an hour or so.

Finally discovered how to make my Nokia E63 aware of 3G mode. Dial something odd like *163# & it all springs to life.

GSM Internet works from here to Kojonup (but goes into temporary hiatus for several minutes at a time maybe every 10-15 minutes), there is a large gap Koj-Williams, then another one Williams to the Yule Du roadhouse. Woolstore at Williams make good Mocha as well as coffee.

The TransWA coaches (from about seats 16 to 24) have 12 volt sockets, so tote an adaptor & you can use your laptop between 9AM & 3PM & still dismount with a charge.

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