22 July 2009

Unleaded fuel 77c per litre

That’s the cost here in a small town in Wisconsin (really, USD$2.39 per gallon). Prices are a bit different to Oz, often much cheaper (like the fuel), sometimes much more expensive (e.g. mushrooms, AUD$18.87/kg).

It’s been an adventure. Being with someone I can trust (absolutely, in every area), with a great sense of humour, great legs, much understanding, much to share has been a beyond-awesome experience by itself.

Seeing SummerFest then the County zoo (they had a walk-in Oz bird display on the day including budgies, weiros, rosellas) at Milwaukee was a blast.

The Dells, with their near-unique sandstone layers ex the Missoula mega-flood was also highly memorable. About a quarter of the number plates said Illinois, about another tenth said Minnesota. I’m getting to know Interstate 94 quite well. (-:

I got to walk through the Wind Point lighthouse in Racine, kept by mine host’s paternal grandfather for 34 years.

I got to eat lunch at Fred’s, a great dinner at The Cheese Factory, another great lunch at Paul Bunyan’s, another great dinner at The River’s Edge Pub, River Walk Pub, other places as well...

Stepping onto a United aircraft in Chicago presently to return (via Los Angeles & Sydney) to resume being an Australian. Already missing mine host (the song Leather & Lace was very much a prediction).

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