07 July 2009

Travelling to the ’States...

...is easier than I thunk it’d be.

I am a dual Canadian/Australian citizen, but needed only an Oz passport to travel to the USA (& to qualify for a waived Visa).

All of my electronic gear, it happens, runs on 100-250V, so all I needed was an adaptor plug. I also grabbed a 4-way power board, so I can run my laptop, battery charger, camera charger & one spare all at once.

An Oz cit can drive in the US on their existing licence, direct from the lips of their DMV, which is simpler than the form which the written docs require one to obtain from the RAC. So I’ve had fun poling a Kia Sedona (nearest Oz equivalent is the Carnival, the Sedona in Oz is only the smaller of two US variants) mini-van around.

Flying over did weird things to my circadian rhythm: in 33½ hours, I flew from 5:45AM in the morning to 5:38PM in the afternoon of the same day via a ≈5hr mini-night en route past Hawaii.

Before complaining about Aussie roads, drive on a few in the USA. They make many of them out of cement rather than black-top, & they remain uneven anyway, due to the annual massive frost heaves which plough them up.

Red lights don’t always mean stop. As in the case with the small silos on SA intersections reading “Turn left at any time with care,” red means Give Way if you’re turning right. Blinking red means all-stop, as in, treat this as an intersection with 4 stop signs, so everybody stops, first in best dressed after that. Stop signs are treated as almost-stop signs since a full stop in winter (iced-over roads) may mean that go becomes impossible.

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sen said...

Do be careful, it's a crazy world over there