26 July 2009

Business in Western Australia

I’m currently looking at ramping my consulting business back up again, then at developing & extending it in different ways, perhaps into different areas.

The business has featured outright programming, plus installation & support of Open Source systems (often servers).

It is amazing how much a Linux-based server does not cost when compared with an MS-Windows-based server, even when dedicated entirely to providing MS-Windows focussed file & print services (SMB).

It is also amazing to behold how little maintenance & support is required for a Linux-based workstation, either simple web/office functions or operating MS-Windows-aimed (or even MS-DOS) applications through WINE.

A major advantage is, of course: no viruses. At all. Nor spyware. Plus the option of automatic updates. Applications typically included out-of-the-box will amount to the equivalent of at least hundreds of dollars’ cost in non-Open applications.

For larger networks, it is quite simple to make up a “template” CD for rapidly & simply installing a working system on a new or replacement workstation.

I have also recompiled non-Linux-targeted applications to work successfully on Linux, occasionally freeing customers from legal-problem-fraught systems such as SCO OpenServer & opening themto support for well-known Linux.

I prefer the Mandriva distribution, or happily use Kubutu where appropriate.

If you do Open Source stuff in Western Australia, please throw me an email (to make it easier, leonATcyberknightsDOTcomDOTau) or call on 0409655359.

If you do computer work in Albany at all, please do the same.

I am quite happy to ricochet non-focus business to others whom I know are competent, reasonable & don’t set out to offend people.

I am also quite happy to interoperate with people who would like to use Linux-based components to reliably, cheaply provide services to MS-Windows based networks.

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