01 June 2009

Where do you go to see dozens of minis racing?

Why, Albany, of course!

No, not Albany, state of New York. Albany, state of Western Australia.

There were also sundry Cortinas buzzing around on Sunday, even a Jaguar sedan, plus some seriously antique rally cars.

Girlfriend would have liked it, born in the Year of the Tiger (like me, Leon the Lion), drives on the wrong side of the road (as for York Street here, other streets they used both sides), has Jaguar Avenue running west from the town of Leon, which is 150km NW of her town (about half a Geraldton but a bit more spread out, has some excellent lakes, less sand, less double-gees, fairly close to the other side of the planet from here). If you like coincidences, she was born one day after & two timezones east of me.

The Albany Car Classic started off a bit damp, but it had stopped raining, was sunny & nearly dry by noon.

Wasn’t today a miserable winter day? Bright sunshine, 19.7°C... (-:

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