21 April 2009

PermaCulture intro this weekend $80/$100

Want to grow your own food with out using nasty chemicals & pesticides? Want to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Want to meet & connect with people interested in creating a sustainable future? Heard about permaculture & want to know more?

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a worldview which opens people up to the vision of a sustainable future. In this introduction you will learn about intelligent organic gardening & design principles as well as issues surrounding sustainable behaviour!

Permaculture is much more than just growing your own food, it is about skill sharing, using resources wisely & connecting with your community. It incorporates everyone, & encourages diversity, whilst empowering individuals into self sufficiency & resilience.

This info session runs this weekend (25/26 April) at CityFarm Perth, adjacent the Claisebrook train station in East Perth, or 11/12 July, running from 10AM to 4PM in either session.

Cost is $80 for concession, $100 for other, special deal for Uni students, which works out at $8 an hour full price, which compares favourably for normal course prices (starting at about $20 an hour & work upwards steeply). For more information, contact Sparkles via sparklemerchant at yahoo spot com spot au.

Speaking from personal experience, the contrasting presentations by Sparkles & her man Jeremy will be both informative & entertaining.

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