06 April 2009

Good quality hot chocolate

There is a supermarket & coffee shop in South Perth, at the corner of Angelo & Coode Streets named “Scutti, a taste of Europe.”

I was pleased, after wandering in there one day while waiting for a bus, to find good-quality hot chocolate on the shelves, at slightly better than Woolworths/Coles/IGA prices. Vittoria Dark Chocochino.

I was even more pleased, while examining it, to be told by the supermarket staff that this was used by the coffee shop.

Making some up is simple, as the container has a spinnable shut/shake/open setting, so one simply shakes enough into a mug, adds hot water, then white stuff. When I use Harvey Fresh whipping cream, the result is a pleasantly “American” creamy chocolate taste.


Use & recommend! (-:

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Leon RJ Brooks said...

For a bit more context:

♦ I did have a new freedom to celebrate on Friday (which was also an important healing step), &

♦ Habituating from Ginger Coffee to Hot Chocolate raises my compatibility with an allied celebrant (who is also an important healing step).