17 March 2009

Oh, dear, the liar hasn't finished yet...

I had winsomely hoped for a little more honesty, but a decade of habit has just showed through.

I have a form in hand (version 4, it seems) from a Registry Officer which paints me as a disinterested lout & casually fails to mention the enormous amount of interference employed to directly prevent me from doing anything useful. The outright errors (to say nothing of the falsehoods) are multitudinous.

I have about two dozen individuals around the world who will patiently explain that in every dealing with them I’ve been absolutely honest & shown total integrity.

I can probably round up half a dozen individuals who will mention times (many times, for some of them) in which they’ve experienced the liar lying (& in a few cases, been hurt & or distressed as a consequence).

At least some of the above may be necessary in order to circumvent an act (a ploy) of “poor, poor, pitiful me.”

I think this is what is referred to as a “no win situation” so I might ask to at least break even. I regret that (for those readers with insufficient context) I am not yet permitted to supply any definite details.

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