15 February 2009

The wonders of modern technology

Today, I was able to sing a brace of duets with my girlfriend in Wisconsin... except that she was in the next state, a bit over 3 hours from home. Never mind, duets it was.

The site which enables this modern wonder ties you to it by only publishing the songs as a Flash video... so, with the DownloadHelper plugin for FireFox, I was able to capture said video clips...

Now, more modern technology starts to kick in. Using FFmpeg plus lame, I can rip the sound-track from the FLV file, cramming it into an MP3.

All of this software technology so far is completely Free & portable, it runs on Mac & ’Doze as well.

Next, we jam a $10 exHardlyNormal MP3 player into the USB socket, to copy on those MP3s.

Now I can listen to us singing as I wander around the local foodWorks store... hmmm... should pick up a set of $3 mini-headphones to replace these ghastly earbud thingies... a set of the SuperBass ones from King Kong Innaloo should do...

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