05 February 2009

Why I use Linux for work

I took a ’phone call today from a bloke whose company was once neighbours for a customer of mine. Their Linux server, after sending me statues emails every day for over 8 years, & not being touched at all in the last 5 years, had stopped working.

SecureSHell will be your friend. The /var partition is completely full.

So... axed a few log files which were not being rotated, restarted the services involved, working in about 40 seconds.

I arranged with the IT bloke to get a new IDE hard drive, will drop in to spend half of an hour copying the partitions across (but making bigger /var & /usr partitions en passant), done.

It does in fact have a virus scanner. Inbound mail is pumped through it. Otherwise, no worries. The server, built on common-or-garden hardware, has not blinked in 8 years.

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