17 February 2009

Suggestions: what should I write about?

I used to write articles for computer magazines, but am wondering if there’s anything else you know of which is begging to be written about?

For a random example, I get on well with all children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’d be good at writing for them.

For another, I enjoy reading a wide range of SciFi, but again that doesn’t mean that I’ll be much chop a creating same.

So, if you have a favourite obsession which you reckon is begging to have more writing done about it, please drop a comment with some key words. (-:


Anonymous said...

Hi Leon,

Australia needs a Space Agency Already!


Write about this glaring, damaging and daily getting worse omission that needs to be remedied.

Here's a little scoop for you too. This was the subject of one of the LCA lightning talks this year, and is a small attempt to address the aforementioned problem:



Leon RJ Brooks said...

Hi... Marco...?

That sounds like a fine idea. It also has potential as a morale-raising tactic to combat the coming worldwide economic recession.

I’ll read the numbat & your FaceBook group, then do a little more research & decide whether there is an aspect of this which matches my (limited) abilities & intent.

GregoryO said...

Just about every open source project in existence (excluding perhaps a dozen of the sexiest) needs documentation... but I somehow doubt that's the sort of writing you had in mind (:

Impartial accounts are hard to come by in areas of conflict and crisis. Regions such as Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Palestine & Israel, Burma, and closer to home in indigenous Australia - there are thousands of stories to tell, from at least two broad perspectives in each place.

I'm not against a space agency, but I think ensuring food security and helping bring about peace in the forgotten parts of the world (especially the ones I'm not even aware of enough to list above) is more important. That's why I'm too partial to write the stories.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Greg, I will quite happily write boring old docco stuff.

I think tutorials might both do that & fulfill a wish for creativity... opinion...?

Eggsurely, getting an opinion from your marvellous Missus might be good, as well. The general concept sort of fits her intellectual approach...

ibnukasim said...

that is difficult to write about something that you doesn't like.so write something you like at the same time give us valauble information

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Greg, I think food security is about to become critical, even within Oz.

For a current symptom, the US Senate is currently considering a bill (HR 875) to essentially require anyone producing food — even for their own consumption — to abide by a zillion factory-farm regulations.

Rudd seems hell-bent on mimicing everything Obama does.

“How many tonnes of super did you apply to your home garden last year? It has mint growing in it, which makes it a food production facility.”

Any significant ideas about where writing or photography may help there?

As to our Halo fan, I enjoy so much stuff that selecting from amongst it remains a difficulty.