15 February 2009

Pricey technology

I have bought myself exactly two expensive toys in the last year (well, technically, it could be called three).

One was a Canon 40D DSLR camera kit including a Sigma 50-80 lens (the lens was about half of the cost of the kit proper). The other was an 18-200 lens, featuring nine-fold zoom.

Bought just in time, too, from a rather special staffer at the Northbridge shop, who also goes photographer for Heavy Metal concerts, & is amused by the security dudes literally catching idiots leaping the fence at her.

The price has just risen about 15% (not due to AU$ falling, due to suppliers being hammered by the global recession), & is due to rise another 15-20% about now.

I’ve had opportunity to take a few real photos with these, but also managed to have a little fun. Fun is actually quite important — from a functional perspective — & quite a significant achievement at the moment.

Yesterday, en route back from Lesmurdie Falls, I ran across Honey Rd. Rather than pulling gymnastics to get good clear photos of the sign (so I could show my Honey on Valentine Day, which the Yanks are quite big on), I used the zoom.

This also turns out to be good for less remote photos, as I was able to capture a suitable rose from someone’s front garden without intruding onto their property more than two paces from the road.

As to the Falls themselves, they’re quite parched just before the Wet Season, but zooming allowed me to easily assume less awkward positions for capturing reasonably good images.

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