03 February 2009


It turns out that I had not been on said Pension for 2 weeks at the time of my last post... nice of CentreLink to say so... I eventually saw paperwork dated 23Jan, advising me to destroy cards on 12Jan due to termination on 16Jan... d’oh?

I have found a potential ThingToDo, short-term at least, namely set up wireless Internet connectivity for the small country town of Kellerberrin.

This town (205km east of Perth in Western Australia) is kind of unique. It is the only WA country town to have grown in 2008. It sees Prospector trains 9 times a week, each way (at 160km/h), plus AvonLink trains (3 times a week, each way, cheaper) plus coaches.

It has a hospital, swimming pool, a few excellent shops, 7-day IGA supermarket, many sporting clubs, numerous tourist attractions (like Shark Mouth, a very special rock, & some impressive salt-lakes). Champion Roadhouse in the area goes to neighbours Tammin.

I am thinking of hooking it up through a flat-strap ADSL1 link, with local DNS, web cache & a few other services designed to seriously optimise throughput. I will first investigate other types of link (such as an ISP might use to hook a local DSLAM up to the rest of the world). Opinions most welcome... (-:

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