28 January 2009


OK, the insurance stuff has been secured, set up so those who should not have access to it, cannot. Soon, I will probably soon not be on Disability Pension. That & being isolated from the root cause of the bulk of the problems in my life means that real work again is a definite possibility.


What’s next?

Suggestions, please.

So far, I’ve been told that ♦ I should ramp up my computer business again; ♦ that I should get back into photography; ♦ that I should resume writing articles (but that market has changed, a lot); ♦ I should find a way to use the psych stuff I’ve learned (qualifications? been there, done that); ♦ what else?

I am likely to me married later this year to someone I can actually trust. Trust across the board. Honesty incarnate, this girl. (-:

Said super-woman is running an organic chemicals production line, has skills in a variety of areas such as interior design, is competent at a wide variety of office work, & after awakening to ZERO DEGREES FAHRENHEIT one Friday morning to face a video clip I’d taken a few hours before (local afternoon) of Middleton Beach waves surging gently past to anoint children splashing at the edge, really wants to become an Aussie...

Even if you have no idea about who I actually am, please feel free to make suggestions.

PS, if you’d be interested in a clever Western Australian photographer who works by covering, um, noisy concerts, has a genuine dragon tatt (a specific, named SciFi dragon) on her left forearm (not related to the music/raw-noise), gets along fine with weird people, drop a line... who knows?

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